Before Studying For BBA Program, What Should You Know?


Upon hearing these questions, many people respond with a simple answer: "BBA" Some may have decided in their minds to have their older siblings pursue a BBA. Others may have chosen business education as their path, believing there is no other way besides a BBA program. On the other hand, many dream of becoming bankers, corporate professionals, or entrepreneurs and aspire to study BBA. So...

⦿ Who Should Pursue a BBA Degree?

⦿ What Should One Know Before Studying For a BBA Program?

About this issue, we wanted to find out from teachers, recent graduates, entrepreneurs, and corporate personalities.

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Why Study For a BBA Program?

The answer comes from the Head of Kingston Business School Mr Ian Roberts. He says, "It is true that a significant portion of student's parents want to see their children as doctors or engineers. This is natural. They consider these two professions to be prestigious. But we need expert people in all professions. Suppose an engineer invents something or creates a product. However, how much should that product cost, how to market it, where to advertise it, and other aspects related to the business side, a BBA graduate is well-versed in. They have studied all these aspects. As a result, we need not only doctors and engineers but also many people who understand business administration and related business society. They will run their businesses, create job opportunities for others, and manage the business aspects of various organizations."

Is BBA Chosen Because of Your Weakness in Mathematics?

Many students think that studying science subjects in high school or college may not be suitable for them, and business education is perhaps an easier option. This is because there is less mathematics involved in business studies. Is this notion correct? No matter which subject one studies, there is no alternative to having a good understanding of fundamental mathematics.

Why? Because proficiency in basic mathematics helps us think analytically. To make decisions, we need this analytical thinking This is what Assistant Professor Mr. Ken Chen, Ph.D. of Trent University, Canada believes.

So, it is essential for secondary and higher secondary students studying business and humanities to excel in basic mathematics. "Nowadays, in economics, finance, market analysis, supply chain, in every field, there is some mathematics involved. So, in this technology-dependent age, having some knowledge of mathematics or information technology is crucial," he also says.

I'm Introverted, Can I Do Well in BBA?

BBA programs often require a lot of presentations, and strong communication skills are crucial here. Introverted or inward-focused students may have some apprehensions. Dr Jean Qi Wei, a Senior Lecturer in HRM at Kingston University, reassures that there is nothing to fear; instead, it's an opportunity to develop oneself. Dr. Jean Qi Wei says, "If someone wants to hide and be shy, they won't succeed in BBA. The BBA program is designed this way. Presentation carries significant weight here. So, initially, they may feel nervous and shaky, but over time, they will overcome it. Once they conquer that fear, it will pay off for them."

A BBA student needs to solve case studies regularly. It helps them think differently and reach decisions. As a result, they naturally become confident in presenting their thoughts.

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I Want to Become an Entrepreneur; Will Studying BBA Be Beneficial?

Atique Rahman, an ex-student of Trent University, holds degrees in BBA and a higher degree in Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship from Canada. He doesn't believe that studying for a BBA is essential to becoming an entrepreneur. According to him, anyone can become an entrepreneur. Many successful entrepreneurs haven't studied BBA, but they excel in their fields. However, if you want to become an entrepreneur, you must learn certain things, and these are covered in the BBA program. Investors look for a business plan, organization, income statements, and other aspects when considering funding. So, if someone has a Majors in Entrepreneurship in BBA, their theoretical knowledge will undoubtedly put them ahead of others.

Atique Rahman also shared his experiences studying abroad, stating that many universities outside of his home country directly connect students with the market. Companies often assign projects to students in various competitions. Through this, companies get fresh ideas, and students learn about the real market conditions, and trends, and gain practical experience. If this trend is implemented in every education system, students will greatly benefit.

To Study BBA, You Need to Improve Your Communication Skills

The importance of communication skills for BBA students is emphasized by Assistant Professor Mr. Ken Chen, Ph.D. of Trent University, Canada. He says, "If you can only speak, it may be called communication. But for those who see me or hear me, presenting in an understandable manner is the essence of communication skills. This skill is highly crucial for BBA students."

On this topic, Associate Professor of Kingston University, Daniel Russell, adds, "Communication skills encompass etiquette, courtesy, decorum, and the art of speaking. We teach BBA students how to talk to a teacher or a senior, how to convey a message in a comprehensible manner, and more. However, having these skills through practical communication is essential. There's no alternative."

If Your Goal is To Enter the Corporate World, Then BBA is The Way To Go

Tumetris Ousley, HR Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, USA, who started his career as a corporate newbie after completing his BBA, explains that preparing for a successful corporate career requires some groundwork throughout your university life. He states, "In the current competitive market, practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge for a student. Being involved in extracurricular activities like clubs, participating in business competitions, engaging in debates, etc., is essential. Proficiency in micro-software like Microsoft Office or the G-suite is a must. Internship opportunities are available even before the end of your educational journey, and you should seize them."

You must be proficient in the English language, as it is considered a global language. Additionally, you should be able to speak and write very well in your mother tongue because many institutions require collaboration with the government. Therefore, having a strong command of the mother language is important. Apart from this, having knowledge of computer programming, software skills, or IT-related skills can give a BBA student a more significant advantage.

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