Tips For Identifying And Selecting Of High-Quality Dates

The month of Ramadan again in our fate, blessings of Allah. Greetings to everyone for the month of Ramadan.

Through this post, today we will learn about various aspects of DATES

Just as dates are delicious in taste, they also offer many health benefits. That's why dates are considered a superfood among health-conscious people. For those who want to avoid processed sugar or sweets, dates are the best alternative. It is known that there are about 3000 species of dates worldwide.

Some special tips for finding high-quality dates

The demand for dates in the month of Ramadan increases significantly compared to other times. As a result, some unscrupulous traders sell adulterated or expired dates in the market. So before buying dates from the market, make sure to check whether it contains any artificial sweeteners or other adulterants.

And that's why we need to know the easy ways to identify good quality dates. To identify good dates, there are several things to keep in mind. Only then you can easily identify which dates are good and fresh.

So let's find out...

How You Can Identify Good Quality Dates?

1. The skin of fresh and ripe dates will usually be slightly wrinkled but not too wrinkled. However, the skin on top will not be too soft. The skin on top will be shiny and bright in color. Also, there should be no crystallized sugar or granules on the surface of the dates. If you see any oil or powdery substance outside the dates, then understand that it is adulterated, low-quality, or expired dates.

2. Dates are now produced in various regions of the world. However, the quality of all dates is not the same, and not all dates are good. Egypt ranks first in date production worldwide. Then comes Iran and Saudi Arabia in third place. In the fourth position is the United Arab Emirates. Pakistan, Algeria, and Afghanistan are at the forefront of production. So find out which country you are buying dates from before buying dates.

3. Among the different types of dates, Ajwa, Anbara, Sagi or Sugai, Safawi, Muskan, Mariam dates are delicious and of good quality. There are also Khalas, Wathalli, Berhi, Shalabi, Dairi, Mabrum, Wanah, Safri, Sukkari, Khudri, etc. available. Even in Bangladesh, there is a high demand for Ajwa and Mariam dates.

4. Another good way to check whether dates are good or bad or of low quality is to taste the sweetness of the dates. The natural sweetness present in dates will be tolerable. Even those who do not prefer overly sweet can eat such sweet dates. When eating dates, if you feel excessive sweetness, understand that artificial or adulterated sweeteners have been added.

5. Another good trick to identify good quality dates is to observe the presence of ants, flies, and maggots. If you see ants and flies crowded in front of the dates, it means that they are not good quality dates. Because naturally sweet dates will not attract ants or flies. If not, then artificial sugar or sweeteners have been added.

6. Try to buy packaged dates. Packaged dates usually have various information written on the packet including expiry dates. Besides, if you want to buy open dates, you should be careful to ensure that the dates do not have a fermented smell, no insects, dark color, or excessive dryness.

⦿ Dates usually remain in good condition for about one and a half years. However, the easiest way to keep dates good is to keep them in the refrigerator in normal mode.

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