What Actor "Jovan" Said In The Video About The "Rupantor" Drama

Farhan Ahmed Jovan, a popular face of television dramas, often releases his highly anticipated works during various festivities, especially Eid. This Eid, however, hasn't been pleasant for the celebrated actor. Everything went out of control for an unexpected drama. The controversy surrounding his acted drama "Rupantor" has stirred up quite a storm. Actor Jovan, along with other actors, finds themselves amidst a vast sea of criticism due to this drama. A significant portion of the audience is also calling out to Jovan, expressing their disappointment. "Rupantor" drama and Jovan are now the talk of the town.

ট্রান্সজেন্ডার বিষয়ক 'রূপান্তর' নাটক - Rupantor Bangla natok, Rupantor Drama Controversy

Addressing the controversy surrounding the "Rupantor" drama, actor Jovan issued an official statement through a video on social media on Friday. Here he said exactly...

I hope everyone is doing well and has had a beautiful Eid with their families. This Eid, several dramas of mine were released, and from the very first day, I received positive feedback about them. I could have enjoyed this Eid as well, but that wasn't the case. Just like many of you have experienced pain over an unexpected matter, I am too going through a difficult time. I am not feeling well at all. I believe you can understand. That's why my well-wishers are trying to support me. Perhaps they can sense my mental state. That's why I feel the need to talk to you all about the Rupantor drama.

The controversy surrounding my acted drama "Rupantor" is completely unexpected. We never intended to hurt anyone's religious sentiments through this drama. I am also a son from Muslim family. How much faith I have in religion, how much I believe in Allah, only I know. Moreover, there was no intention to promote or establish anything through this drama. I simply tried to portray a character, and in doing so, I have hurt many people. That's why I am genuinely SORRY. I express my heartfelt sorrow to all of you.

For the past 11 years, I have been acting in dramas on various platforms. The position I hold today, I owe it to the love and support of the audience. My main purpose in working is to entertain the audience, to make them happy. That's why I have worked so hard.

In the future, I will be more conscious in selecting characters for dramas so that devotees do not feel aggrieved in any way and do not suffer. I assure you, I will offer better work than what you have liked from me so far. I only request one thing, please do not cause me any pain. Pray for me, and may everyone be well.

It's worth mentioning that the Rupantor drama was released on YouTube during Eid. It portrayed the story of a transgender person who faces loneliness due to hormonal reasons. Although directed by Rafat Mazumdar Rinku, due to criticism from a portion of the audience, the drama was deleted from YouTube within 24 hours of its release. After that, actor Jovan try to obtain forgiveness through an official video message, and he has been trying to correct his position ever since.

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