6 Things To Avoid Jail & Fines While Traveling To Dubai

When traveling to Dubai, there are some mistakes you can make that might land you in trouble, even resulting in jail time and fines.
Among the various attractions in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa stands out as a major draw. It captivates tourists worldwide with its towering presence. For those planning a trip to Dubai with their partners, it's essential to consider a few things before heading there.

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If these aspects are not considered, you might find yourself in serious trouble in Dubai, even facing jail time and fines. So, let's explore what you should avoid when traveling to Dubai with your partner.

1. Avoid Being Too Affectionate In Public

Given that Dubai is an Islamic and conservative country, public displays of affection like holding hands, hugging, or kissing are socially frowned upon. Engaging in such behavior can even land you in jail. Additionally, singing loudly, playing music, overt dancing, or excessive intimacy are not well-received by locals and can lead to trouble, even for tourists.

2. Do Not Use Your Left Hand For Greetings Or Gestures

Be cautious about using your left hand for gestures while in Dubai. Avoid signaling or offering greetings with your left hand, as it's considered disrespectful. In Dubai, the left hand is typically reserved for certain sanitary activities like using the toilet, handling toilet paper, or flushing.

3. Refrain From Using Inappropriate Language In Public

Exercise caution when using language during your stay in Dubai, especially when conversing with locals or in public spaces. Control the use of vulgar or inappropriate language as it's considered a punishable offense in Dubai.

4. Do Not Wear Revealing Clothing Like Westerners

It's mandatory for women to dress modestly in places like shopping malls, markets, beaches, theaters, and mosques in Dubai. Revealing clothing, including short skirts or outfits that expose too much skin, is not permitted in these places.

5. Do Not Take Photos/Videos Without Permission

Refrain from taking photos without permission while in Dubai. Even when capturing natural scenes, seek permission. There are specific rules regarding photography, and maintaining decorum is essential.

6. Adhere To Medication Policies

The United Arab Emirates has stringent anti-drug policies. This means certain medications are prohibited, and bringing them into Dubai is illegal. Even over-the-counter medications like anti-anxiety drugs may not be permitted. If found with such substances during airport checks, you could face up to four years in jail and hefty fines. You can find information about approved medications on the UAE's official website.

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