5 Million Bangladeshi Engaged In Online Gambling, Can It Be Stopped?

In Bangladesh, nearly 5 million people are involved in online gambling. According to the State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, a collective effort is underway to combat this issue.

On June 24, 2024, after a meeting with French Ambassador Marie Masdupuy at the Secretariat, the State Minister responded to journalists' questions regarding the matter.

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When asked about the significant amount of money being siphoned abroad through online gambling, the State Minister said, "We have discussed various aspects of online gambling. It poses a severe risk to growing kids and young adults in our country. Even many retired elderly individuals are involved. Our analysis indicates that nearly 5 million people in the country have somehow become entangled with these illegal gambling sites."

He also added, "We are trying to block these gambling sites. Additionally, we are making efforts to raise good awareness among all of the general public to stop them from falling for such temptations and to stop our country's money from being laundered abroad. So far, we have blocked a total of 2,600 gambling sites, and now we are continuously blocking mobile apps as well. This is an ongoing process that will continue."

When attention was drawn to the fact that blocked sites are reopening through other means, the State Minister said, "We have discussed this issue jointly with the Department of Telecom, National Telecom Monitoring Center, Computer Council, BTRC, and the Cyber Security Agency. By combining the capabilities of the police and intelligence, we aim to find a solution, and we believe we can resolve this issue promptly."

The State Minister also mentioned, "We will keep using advanced technology to regularly block these sites. We are trying to immediately block any information we receive from the media or other sources."

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