Meta Rolls Out "Communities" Feature On Messenger. Read The Details.

Meta, the mother company of Facebook is introducing a new "Communities" feature on Messenger. This feature will be helping organizations, schools, and private groups to communicate more effectively. Unlike the earlier Community Chats that required a Facebook Group, this new feature allows users to create dedicated spaces for real-time communication directly on Messenger.

Meta rolls out standalone Messenger group chats

The move, which follows the introduction of Communities on WhatsApp in 2022, suggests Meta is looking to enhance Messenger’s functionality and distinguish it from other messaging platforms like iMessage. By providing a broader social networking aspect, Meta company aims to help their users find and connect with their communities within Messenger itself.

Communities consolidate multiple group chats into one place, featuring a "Home" space where admins can share updates and announcements. Up to 5,000 people can join a Community through shareable invites. This feature is perfect for organizations, all types students, neighborhoods, or even groups of friends with same interests.

For example, a neighborhood Community could keep residents updated on events, security alerts, and trash pickup schedules. Similarly, a school Community could have dedicated group chats for each grade, allowing parents to join relevant conversations.

One key difference from WhatsApp Communities is that Messenger Communities are connected to Facebook’s social graph. This allows Community builders to invite Facebook friends and their friends, whereas WhatsApp requires phone numbers for invites.

According to Meta’s official help page, Communities on Messenger are intended for more public conversations compared to Facebook groups, with all members able to see chat content. The Messenger's new feature is set to roll out globally to all users very soon.

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