Smart Online Safety Tips For Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming very popular. Various types of products and items are available in the online market nowadays. It’s true that nowadays people get bored to purchase anything from real outside market. Thanks to technology because now everyone can buy almost everything for the blessing of the online marketplace. But, here one matter is really important and this is “Online Safety of Shopping

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Today we are going to share some important factors you should consider and care very deeply about online shopping security issues to keep strong your online safety while buying something from the online bazaar.

Online Safety Tips While Purchase Items From Internet

1. Check your online shopping store, is it trusted and safe shop? First, find safe online shopping sites.

2. Never make any purchase from un-reputed sites. Always check background history of your desire online store. If possible, find and read other customer's reviews.

3. How they accept payments? Is it really trustable and secured with https:// server?

4. Do they have good customer feedback and reviews?

5. Are their old customers coming back for purchasing more items?

6. What about their product shipping and delivery facilities? Generally, it should not be more than just one week if you are an international customer. For, local delivery it should not be more than one day.

7. How they support their customers after buying something? Usually, most online stores give 24/7 customer support. So, analyze their customer satisfactory level by watching "Customer's support satisfy rating."

8. Check its overall web ranking and do they follow all e safety rules? Is it satisfactory or not?

9. Check out their physical office address and contact information and make sure you can catch them if something goes wrong.

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Check Out Product Features And Details For Online Safety

After your full satisfaction about the online store, take a deep look at product details which you are going to purchase. Check out the below things you should focus on…

1. Read full product’s details and features on the packet or body.

2. Manufacture date and expiry date.

3. A fair and reasonable product price.

4. Shipping time and other charges.

5. Check out the ingredients. Is it HALAL for you or not?

6. What about VAT? How much they charge for VAT?

7. Will the product harmful to your body/ skin in future? See its cautions.

8. Take care of product accessories and other extra things. Are they free or chargeable?

9. If any discount or coupon available, make sure you grab it.

10. Know about their package tracking system (if available), it’s a really big advantage.

11. After ordering, make sure your total bill is correct. Check several times if it doesn’t seem normal.

Sometimes phishing and scam sites sent you email about their business and to put your credit card information for buying certain product or services. Remember; never trust these types of websites. To protect and keep strong your online safety status from phishing or scam websites you should turn on your browser’s phishing protection and turn on internet security program. Check for further details on the internet about more protection the browser you are currently using. Always try to avoid any little bit of online shopping risks and precautions.

This is how to stay safe when shopping online. Wishing you all the best for online shopping. Have Fun. Allah Hafez.


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