Tips To Get High Traffic For Blog Posts

It’s true that you can also get high ranking on Google and other search engines for each of your posts without doing so much efforts. Many bloggers publish several posts daily without putting proper keywords. They also don’t share their contents in bookmarking sites and social media sites etc.
So, today I am sharing some few tips which will help you to get rank higher for each blog posts. This will increase your overall traffic also.

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Whenever you are going to publish any post do spend some time to research keywords related to your post subject. This is very important part for search engine optimization (SEO). Choose long tail keyword phrase for posts. Remember, each blog post means a new page, so it is important to optimize blog post with different keywords or keyword phrase.
Use Google Keyword tool as I always recommended.

Select low competition keyword phrases (not too much low) which have few searches per month. Because if you regularly update your blog these whole few visitor you will get for your post. You can use high monthly searched keywords but it should not stay in huge competition stage.

Input your keyword phrase in your post title and three or four times in your post body. Graphics is really important for blog post. Keep in mind, when you add an image in your blog post you should use keyword phrase in image alt tag as well. This will help to get traffic when people search for images.

See the example HTML code, how to add alt image tag...

<img alt="Image optimization" src="IMAGE-URL-GOES-HERE" />

Monetize each post by putting one of the online business opportunities you are using. Use ads code in most popular posts to generate more revenue. Generally readers land on post pages. So beside blog sidebar you should also put ad code in popular posts.

how to get post readers

Some further promotional way you have to use. Create some related posts with your blog theme and distribute your contents in articles directories. Leave your blog or post link in resource box, source of the article or Author info section. Don’t forget to use your keyword phrase as anchor link. Make sure your links are correct and it is directly land on your blog or post page which you are willing to rank higher.

Also do sharing on bookmarking sites and social media sites. Like as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. Search engine marketing and social media marketing is a effective key to promote your blog.

Lastly, Please drop your comments below about this post. That’s all buddy. Stay well.

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