2 Twitter Auto Refresh Tools For Twitter Feed

Update Tweets Automatically

Twitter is a big community, micro blogging and social networking site where lots of new tweets are posting every minutes. When you have got a large number of following list then you may get huge new tweets update every minutes on your twitter feed.
So, it is very boring to click constantly on "new tweets" pop-up banner. I have found two browser extensions for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that refresh your twitter feed automatically. By using these tools you can see instantly whats happening.

Auto-Refresh Twitter : Mozilla Firefox

Firefox auto tweet update addon

Mozilla Firefox designed an amazing add-on and named it Auto-Refresh Twitter. After installing, this add-on will update automatically your new tweets. This means you will get and see the most latest updates on your twitter status board.

Install it on Mozilla

Refresh for Twitter : Google Chrome

Chrome auto tweet refresh addon

This extension is for Google’s Chrome Browser. Its name is Refresh for Twitter and this add-on will reload your new tweets popup banner instantly when new tweets are available.

Install it on Chrome

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Please DON'T spam here. Spam comments will be deleted just after our review.

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