Top 5 Benefits Of "Table of Contents" List

Every blogger and webmaster wants to receive huge traffic in their blog site. But it true that every post does not get acceptable traffic. It is very essential to hold visitors for ranking up your blog. I have analyzed and found a way to hold visitors for more time than before. This is a post which will be containing all of your published blog posts. List of your blog posts looks like a table of contents of your all blog posts. This is very helpful for your readers. This is a one part to reduce your blog’s bounce rate. There are some more hidden benefits available to make a table of content.

Have you read in our previous post that we have published about How to Setting up a Blog Post for Table of Contents?

Table of contents post list

Now come to the advantageous points...

1. Easy To Navigate All Posts:
A table of contents list will help visitors to access all of your blog posts very easily. So, they can easily read their interesting posts from your wide range of published contents.

2. Easy To Find Old And New Posts:
Table of contents also known as sitemap or a new look for blog post feed. This will show your all posts in a numbered list. The second helpful thing is, by using TOC, a reader will able to find the old and new posts and they can simply count the number of all published posts till present time.

Our customizable table of contents works automatically and it marks with a sign to newly published posts. Install it now!

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3. Easy To Find Posts Via Category Basis:
In blogger blog every post should contain a label tag or a specific category. When a visitor land on your page and feel interest to read or find specific post(s) under a topic/ category then this plugin will help. A table of contents page will be listing your posts in a category or label basis.
See how a TOC works nicely.

4. Helps To Increase Page Views:
There is no doubt that a list of your all posts will help you to reduce your site’s bounce rate and increase page views. It is because; when readers found a helpful post then they will checkout your some more posts. And then by using list of your posts they can easily access all of your posts. Looks like something as I pointed above in number #1. So, the more browsing within your blog posts you will get more pageviews.

5. Helps To Find A Specific Post:
Think, if a reader comes to your blog after one month or more to find a specific post(s) that he/ she read before and you have published lots of posts during the gaping time, then how he will find it? You may think about using search engine. Yes! But it is not sure that same post will come in search results. In this situation a table of contents will help your readers. They can easily search a specific post by pressing Ctrl+F from keyboard.
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