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25 Handy Keyboard Shortcuts For Power Twitter Users

As you know Twitter is a popular micro blogging site which shared about up to 60 million tweets everyday by its active users including with verified profiles of celebrities, idols and most popular persons.

This post I publish for Twitter users who uses twitter’s official desktop version very seriously. In this short post I am going to share with you some quick keyboard shortcuts of twitter which will save your huge times.

  1. B = Block User(s)

  2. F = Favorite

  3. J = Next Tweet

  4. K = Previous Tweet

  5. L = Close Open Tweet(s)

  6. M = Direct Message (new)

  7. N = New Tweet

  8. R = Reply

  9. T = ReTweet

  10. U = Unblock User(s)

  11. G+A = Activity Page

  12. G+C = Connect Page

  13. G+D = Discover Page

  14. G+F = Favorites

  15. G+H = Home

  16. G+L = Lists

  17. G+M = Messages

  18. G+P = Profiles

  19. G+R = Mentions

  20. G+S = Settings

  21. G+U = Go To a Profile

  22. Space = Page Down

  23. Slash (/) = Search

  24. Period (:) = Load New Tweets

  25. Shift + Question Sign (?) = Shortcut Menu

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We are looking forward to hear from you for any other smart tricks that you would recommend for Twitter. Use our comment form below...
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