How To Find Friend’s Old Comments On Facebook?

Hello my beloved readers, before jumping to the post I am wishing you all Ramadan Kareem.

Are you trying to find someone’s comments on Facebook that were posted on your post about 3 years ago? Basically to find someone’s comments on Facebook you need to scroll your timeline to the post and then you find the comments from a huge comments list. This is so inconvenient and time-consuming, I think.

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Well, here comes with How to find all the posts and comments made by someone on Facebook with you.

Way To Find A Friend's Comments On Facebook

1. Go to your Facebook profile and click Activity Log.
2. In the Activity Log page click Filter.
3. In the Filter pop-up page select Year and select what you want to search. Such as Comments, Posts, Photos, etc. Finally, click Save Changes.
4. Now you will see everything that you select for a specific year.

If you had a post with a lot of comments and you think it is very hard to find the specific comments of your desired friend then you can use the below trick.

1. Find the post of you using the Active Log filter.
2. Open the post and click View More Comments. Click it several times until it opens all comments.
3. After this, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type your friend's name.
4. You will see the comments instantly of your friend if the comments were not deleted.

Finding A Friend's Comments / Posts On FB Of Your Own Posts

NOTE: This will work only if you tagged your friend on your old post.

1. Sign In to Facebook in your browser. Search the friend who made the comments that you looking for and go to his / her profile.
2. In the profile click See Friendship. This will open a new page that shows a list of all posts and comments between you and your friend.

That's all. Hope this helps. If you face any problems please feel free to ask me anytime in the comment below. Kindly share it with your friends. Stay Well and Allah Hafez.

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