How To Identify Bot Traffic Hits On Blog or Website?

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How To Identify Bot Traffic |

Today I come to you with a post titled How to identify bot traffic comes from? Is it coming from real sources or sent by any traffic exchange website or for any robotic actions.
So, without wasting time let's get started...

The first goal of any online business or blogging is customer or traffic. Your goal is to make your blog more visible around the world. There are many agencies and advertisers around the world to increase web traffic. Now the question is, is the traffic you are getting really human-made traffic?
Bot traffic can increase the traffic stats of your blog but will not increase the visibility of any type of advertising or sales. This type of traffic in the web world is called SPAM which will push your blog backward in the search engine listings. Which is almost impossible to fix later.

So it is very important to know where the traffic is coming from on your blog. In today's post, we will discuss a total of SIX TOPICS in How To Identify Bot Traffic.

1. Traffic Trends

In general, your blog's web traffic will increase over time to time. This growth will largely depend on the amount of work you do on your blogs, such as your content quality, blog SEO, your social media activities, content sharing, and the impact of online and offline advertising. So if you suddenly see one day that the traffic of your blog has tripled or more, don't be happy and worry because robotic traffic is coming to your blog. Find out the source of this traffic from your blog's analytics and block the IP of that sites.

2. See Regular Blog Bounce Rates

If robotic web traffic is sent to your blog, the bounce rate in your blog's analytics will suddenly increase too much or fluctuate unsatisfactorily. Typically, a 30 to 40 percent bounce rate for a blog is considered normal. If it suddenly increases to 90% or decreases to 10%, it is a matter of concern. Find out the traffic sources and solve them quickly.

3. How To Identify Bot Traffic In Traffic Sources

Usually, blog traffic comes from three mediums.

1. Direct.
2. Referral.
3. Through search engines.

How To Identify Bot Web Traffic |

There may also be traffic from other sources, such as campaigns, paid searches, and various offline ads. If your blog is attacked by traffic bots, then approximately 90 percent of your traffic will suddenly come from direct traffic. In general, healthy and humane web traffic brings a traffic balance that seems reasonable and normal. Be careful if such irrelevant traffic comes suddenly.

I always recommended you should always try to get most of the traffic to your blog from search engines.

4. Traffic Hits The Home Page Of The Blog

If the home page of the blog suddenly receives traffic from a specific source and the traffic goes away as soon as it arrives, then you know that your blog has been attacked by a traffic bot. This type of traffic usually comes from PTC, traffic exchange sites which is not normal traffic at all.

5. Unexpected And Different Country Traffic

Suppose the language of your blog is Bangla and you promote your blog to Bangla language available countries. If you suddenly see web traffic coming to your blog from almost all countries of the world, then you can be sure that your blog has been attacked by traffic bots. Also, if your blog is in English and normally always receives international traffic, you may still be affected by traffic bots. You will understand this only when you see in your traffic analytics a lot of traffic coming and going from unusual countries and sources.

6. Huge Traffic On A Specific Page

This is the easiest way How To Identify Bot Traffic coming to your blog. Usually, those who send robotic traffic select certain pages of a blog, so if you see that one or more specific pages in your blog are getting more views than usual, then you are a victim of bot traffic.

You can also take the help of an SEO expert to solve if you understand that robotic traffic is coming to your blog. You will also find many tools online with which you can find out if robotic traffic is coming. You can also control the web traffic by filtering in the blog's traffic analytics.

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Stay well pals. God bless you.

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