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Three Tips To Avoid Cracking Hands And Feet In Winter

The intensity of summer has decreased and now the winter season has come. The Winter season is a fun time actually. Winter brings with it some comfort and some beauty but also brings some problems. One of them is rupture of the skin of hands and feet.

How To Fix Cracking Feet Heels |

In winter, the skin of hands and feet gets cracked naturally. But you have to be careful before the problem of cracked skin is not too much or before coming out blood from cracked skin. Care must be taken in advance to prevent such dangers.

Today In this post I will tell you What To Do To Reduce Cracks In Hands And Feet In Winter.

So let's get started ...

1. Petroleum Jelly

There is no comparison of Petroleum Jelly to prevent cracking of hands and feet in winter. Every night before going to bed, apply petroleum jelly on the hands and feet. This will keep the skin of your hands and feet moist throughout the full night. Remember, petroleum jelly is a sticky substance so it is better not to use petroleum jelly during the day. You can use light olive oil during the day. This will not lose the skin moisture.

2. Mixture Method 01

You can use a mixture of glycerin and rose water every night to avoid cracking the skin of your hands and feet. This combination is very effective in preventing the cracking of hands and feet in the primary stage.

Make the mixture with all the ingredients given below...

Salt + Lemon juice + Glycerin + Rosewater + Mild Hot Water.

Soak your hands and feet in the mixture for a while and rub it well. In this way, after using it 4/5 times a week for 10-15 days, you will see your skin crack totally disappear.

Tips To Avoid Cracking Hands And Feet In Winter |

3. Mixture Method 02

You can make a mixture of rice paste and honey and apply it to the cracked part of your skin.

The things you need to make the mixture ...

3 or 4 Teaspoons Wet Rice Paste + White Vinegar + Honey.

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together and apply it on the cracked part of the hands and feet for at least 20 minutes every night and wash it off with fresh water.

Using one of the above formulas regularly for a few days will change the appearance of cracked parts of your hands and feet.

That's all. Hope this post helps you. If you like this post please share and comment below. Your one share will increase our writing interest. Stay well and pray to Allah for all to keep us healthy. Allah Hafez.

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