Germany Government Plans To Ease Citizenship Rules

The German government plans to relax the rules for granting citizenship to all immigrants living in Germany. If this plan is implemented, immigrants living in Germany will also have the benefit of dual citizenship and citizenship by birth.

Recently, the German government has taken an initiative to make the process of acquiring citizenship for immigrants easier and more beautiful. Meanwhile, the German Interior Ministry has prepared a draft report.

Germany immigration policy

Under current rules, German immigrants can apply for citizenship after eight years in Germany. In the draft law prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been changed to five years. One can even apply after three years instead of five if one has acquired special skills for "integration" or assimilation into German society. However, the German Ministry of the Interior said that this matter is still in the discussion stage and nothing has been decided on the matter.

Currently, if a child of an immigrant is born in Germany, that child does not receive citizenship by birth. There may be some changes in this matter if there is a new law. According to the report, children of long-term immigrants legally living in the country will receive German citizenship if they are born in Germany.

Earlier, the ministers of 16 German states urged the federal government to quickly introduce this provision. A press release published by the ministry a few days ago said that German immigrants would get dual citizenship - that facility is also being kept in the new regulations. However, the German government currently only offers dual citizenship to European Union and Swiss citizens.

German Chancellor Olaf Schalz's SPD and the pro-environment Green Party and pro-business FDP reached a consensus on changing Germany's citizenship and immigration laws during the formation of the government. All three parties want to ease and loosen residency and asylum application rules, including dual citizenship rules for immigrants.

However, some German politicians are also opposing this initiative for immigrants. Opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member of parliament Thorsten Frye said the German passport is a top-level passport. So it cannot be turned into the garbage in any way.

Andrea Lindholz, a politician from the Christian Social Union, expressed concern that the proposals, published as drafts, would deprive all immigrants living in Germany of a great incentive to integrate if they become Germany's immigration policy.

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