The History Of The Golden Boot Award In Football?

Fans and supporters always have a bit more interest in the best goalscorers in the game of football. And being the best goal scorer in the football world cup is like a dream heaven for any player.
According to a special tradition, every four years the Golden Boot is awarded to the top scorer in the World Cup.

Premier League Golden Boot History

The Football World Cup is called the “Greatest Show on Earth”. And so every section of the football world cup game has different quality awards and honors. Receiving the Golden Boot award as the best goalscorer in the World Cup is a prestigious award.

In 1930, the first game of the World Cup was held in Uruguay. After that, another 21 world championships have been held every four years in the last 92 years.

The Golden Boot has always been awarded to the top goalscorer since the start of the World Cup in 1930, but the name was different. The Golden Boot was named after the 1982 World Cup in Spain and began its official journey as an award for the best goalscorer.

First, the golden boot was introduced as 'Golden Shoe'. At that time, silver and bronze shoe awards were given to the second and third-highest scorers in football games. In 2010, the Golden Shoe has renamed the Golden Boot during the World Cup in South Africa.

The golden boot is gold plated weighing about one kilogram.

So far, the record for most goals in the World Cup is held by France player Just Fontaine. He set this record by scoring 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden.

Argentinian player Lionel Messi has received the most golden boots in football so far. Cristiano Ronaldo has also won the Golden Boot twice. Portugal is ahead of everyone on the list of Golden Boot winners in football history. A total of 3 footballers from Portugal have won the Golden Boot award 24 times.
Now football lovers will wait to see who can break this record in the future.

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