What Temperature Can Lower Electricity Bill When Using an AC?

In unbearable heat, life becomes unbearable. Just as the occurrence of heat strokes increases in the heat, various diseases also emerge. That's why, in order to find peace in the heat, those who have the ability to afford it, opt for Air Conditioners. However, by purchasing an AC, everyone is burdened with another concern, which is the electricity bill.

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When an AC is used, the electricity bill naturally increases. There is a way to save from that problem. It is possible to lower the power bill by appropriately maintaining the AC's temperature.

Do you know at what temperature the AC should be operated to minimize the electricity bill?

Many people set the temperature according to their own preferences without knowing. That's why, they got shocked when they receive their electricity bill at the end of the month.

Let's find out, at what temperature the electricity bill will be minimized when using an AC.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has said that,

An AC Temperature of 24 Degrees Can Save Electricity Bills.

Air conditioners are typically set to a temperature range of 18 - 28 degrees Celsius. So, don't rush to lower the temperature as soon as you start the AC. Set it to a gradual temperature decrease to maintain the temperature inside the room. Your air conditioner's cooling temperature should be set between 24 and 27 degree Celsius for better results.
The advantage of doing this is that within 10 minutes, the room temperature decreases, and consequently, the electricity consumption also decreases.

The compressor starts working more quickly when the temperature drops dramatically after the AC is turned on, which is why this occurs. As a result, electricity consumption increases significantly. Therefore, try to set the AC temperature between 24 to 27 degrees Celsius.

But keep in mind that the set temperature is not the only factor affecting how much electricity the AC uses.

The energy consumption of the AC depends on its star rating, outside temperature, duration of usage, room size, number of people in the room, room insulation, and other factors. The more power the AC consumes, the higher the electricity bill will be.

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