Which Spices Can Be Used As Alternatives To Green Chilies?

Currently, the price of green chili peppers is sky-high! According to the latest information, in the Bangladesh vegetable bazar, green chilies are being sold for around 450-600 taka (4.14-5.50 USD) per kilogram. It has been learned that this season has not yielded a significant crop of green chilies due to severe weather conditions at the beginning.

On the other hand, the fear of green chili plants dying in the recent rainfall has been observed. There are no chili plants in the fields now. According to the traders' reports, the price has witnessed an increase as a consequence.

Green Chili Substitutes Ideas

In this situation, ordinary people are struggling to buy green chilies. Therefore, most of them are searching for alternatives. To preserve the taste of spicy dishes, they can use other spices instead of green chilies. Let's find out what those alternatives are:

1. Black Pepper

While black pepper is not typically utilized as a direct replacement for green chili peppers, it helps to bring a spicy taste to the food. It is the healthiest alternative to green chilies.

It also has numerous health benefits. Black Pepper enhances the taste of dishes with just a small amount. It contains a high level of spiciness, so even with a small quantity, you can make your food delicious.

2. Red Chili Powder

Chili powder is commonly used by many people as a replacement for green chilies in cooking. Instead of raw green chilies, you can easily use red chili powder to increase the spiciness in your dishes.

Especially in any curry, starting from fish or meat, you can use chili powder for seasoning. Even with a small amount, it brings a change in both the taste and color of the dish.

3. Fully Ripe Red Chilies

Alongside red chili powder, you can also use dried, fully ripe chilies in cooking. It adds extra flavor and taste to the dishes. For example, while cooking lentils, you can add crushed dried ripe chilies to enhance the flavor.

In addition, you can use crushed dried ripe chilies in various vegetable stir-fries and fritters. Using dried ripe chilies as an alternative to raw green chilies is quite easy.

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