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How To Change "Post a Comment" Text In Blogger Blog

I know, as like me you also like very much to receive comment(s) from your valuable readers in your blog after reading a post. You can attract viewers more to comment on your blog by displaying an unique message or an image in comment headline. By default, blogger set this message as "Post a Comment".
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to replace "Post a Comment" with a different message or an image just above at your blogger comment box.

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Are you ready to do it? Let's start...

Changing post a comment message on blogger blog saimoom

Replace "Post a Comment" text with a different message or an image

1. First log in to your Blogger blog

2. Click your blog title

3. Click Template from left side menu

4. Backup your full template before editing

5. Click Edit HTML, Click Proceed

6. Click "Expand widgets Templates" Box

7. Now search (CTRL + F) for the following code
Note that you will find this code twice time and you have to replace twice time too.


8. Now replace this above code with your own message such as...
"Leave a Comment"
"We love your comment"
"Say something about this" etc.

You can also replace a beautiful color image if you don't like plain text message. To do this just replace this code with an image URL code. Here are some cool comment images you might like, if you have another image just upload it to blogger and replace it with your image address.

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<img src="" />

9. After replacing, click Save Template and you are done. Reload your blog to see a new message or a new image in Post a comment place.

That's all.
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Topic Under: 4/14/2012
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