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How To Create Username For Google Plus Profile Link

G+ custom profile linkNowadays Google plus is playing an important part in social media section. So it is very essential for bloggers and webmasters to get smart traffic and for better marketing. Now let me come to the point. As like facebook and twitter username, Google plus does not offer any personalized username link to remember better and to show as a brand. I mean you can not make your Google plus profile URL as See its difference with others…

Difference FB and G+ link

Now Google plus uses some numeric numbers in their URL. It looks unprofessional, ugly and it’s very hard to memorize. So think, when your friends and your colleagues asks you to say your Google plus profile link, what you will do?

Don’t worry! I am giving you its solution today. It’s easy as like drinking a cup of tea. The name of this solution is Gplus.

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What offer?

Gplus allows how to make short URL for Google plus profile. You can get an unique name for your Google plus profile like as

How does it work?

Basically it is an URL shortening service. I am sure you know what URL shortening service is. When someone enters in address bar, it will redirect your link to your original Google plus profile page. That’s all.

How to setup

As I said before it’s so easy. First open your Google plus profile and copy your profile’s numeric codes.

G+ profile link makes short

Then go to Gplus and enter your username in Nick name box which you want to as your Google plus profile link and paste your Google plus profile ID in Google plus ID box. Click add button. You will see your new branded custom Google plus URL.

▪ If your username already claimed by other one, you can not claim it again. The system same as email ID. Every username is unique. Thank God I found my username (saimoom) empty.
▪ Username must be between 3 to 25 characters.

So, what are you waiting for? Claim now your Google plus custom URL before someone else claim your username.

If you need any assistance, let me know. Now, give me a smile buddy! Have fun.
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