WhatsApp's New Email Verification: No More Mobile Number Needed

The popular messaging service WhatsApp is now changing its verification method without the need for a mobile number. From now on, users can verify their WhatsApp accounts using just an email. This new feature will allow users to use WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, by verifying their account via email.

It is known from a source that, WhatsApp is testing a new feature about Email verification. If this Email OTP verification service of WhatsApp becomes effective, users will be able to log into their accounts without their mobile number, but only with an email.

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Usually, changing a mobile phone can cause trouble with WhatsApp login. In such cases, WhatsApp account can be added by verifying the OTP through SMS or call. However, if a mobile number becomes inactive or the phone is stolen, the user may face further troubles.

Generally, for WhatsApp account verification, OTP comes through SMS or phone call. No one can log into a WhatsApp account without this OTP password, making it the most secure method for logging into WhatsApp.

However, if someone changes their mobile number or it becomes inactive, they will not receive the OTP through SMS or phone call, and as a result, they will not be able to log into WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is reportedly testing an email verification feature. This feature will allow users to log into their accounts using only an email verification code, without a mobile number. This new feature is expected to be an additional feature of WhatsApp's verification process. Along with SMS or call verification, the option of email verification will also be available.

WhatsApp's users will find this Email verification feature in the app's "Account Settings". There, users can enter their email address, which will not be accessible or visible to anyone.

For a long time, WhatsApp has been testing this new email verification feature. In the latest beta version update, many WhatsApp users are already using this feature. It is known from the developer team that, WhatsApp will soon release this feature for everyone.

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