Proven 25+ Ways To Create High Quality Backlinks For Blog

Are you looking for how to create backlinks for my website? Hold on! You are in right place.

When we talk about SEO, we mainly focus on good and quality backlinks. Backlinks are still now a good ranking factor in eyes of Google and other search engines. So, to stand your blog post ranking on the first page of Google search result page you need high quality backlinks pointing to your blog from authority and relevant sites.

How to create high quality backlinks

In this post, ShineMat will share with you more than 25 ways to get high quality backlinks free that will help your blog to rank higher in SERP.

High Quality Backlinks : Rules and Regulation For SEO

Before we jump to the list of how to create backlinks manually, you need to remember the below restrictions and rules while making backlinks.

1. Google Penguin Update hates spam backlinks. So, never spam someone’s blog with comments and links.

2. Search engines dislike paid backlinks and love natural and manually created backlinks. So never buy quality backlinks or purchase link packages.

3. Create backlinks with the post pages link, not only with Homepage URL.

4. Avoid making backlinks by submitting articles to Article directory. It does not work anymore.

5. Instead of creating 100 backlinks from low ranking sites, try to create 10 quality backlinks from high-rank sites. It will work better in SEO.

Top 25+ Ways How To Create Backlinks Manually

1. Broken link building method. Use Check My Links Goolge Extension to find out competitors broken links and offer them to update the link to your relevant post page link. To find out the blogs or pages on your niche, use the below search queries in Google.

  • your keyword + links
  • your keywords + resources
  • keywords inurl:links

2. Submit the guest post to relevant blogs. We accept guest post. Learn how to submit the guest post to us. Also, the below search queries will help you to find out your desire guest post accept blog list.

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • your keyword + want to write for us
  • your keyword + writers wanted
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + become an author
  • your keyword + contribute to guest post
  • your keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + guest posts for + KEYWORD
  • your keyword + guest post backlinks website

3. Comment on related dofollow blogs that actually matched with your topics. You can create backlinks free quickly by commenting.

4. Try to get backlinks from .edu websites and blogs. Remember, it’s not so easy but the easiest method is making quality content about their niche and lets them know about your awesome post.

5. Just after publishing your post try to bookmark it on social bookmarking sites like Google bookmark, Yahoo bookmark, delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc.

6. Answer the relevant questions on Yahoo QnA / Stackoverflow / Quara and put your link as reference. This link building technique really works.

7. Make sure you interlink your post with your other posts. This will help to improve your bounce rate and promote your old blog posts.

8. Forum posting still counts as good. Register some quality forums and discuss on relevant threads with your blog link.

9. Submit your blog to quality blog directories.

10. Always try to create posts that are conversational so that people can discuss your post on their blog, comments and forum threads.

How To Create Backlinks Manually

11. Review top companies products, software, apps and let them know. They will surely link back to you from their website.

12. The main and smart way to earn quality backlink is publishing high-quality content on your blog.

13. Act like a journalist. Learn or know first and share it first on your blog. Other people will link back to you.

14. Write posts with actionable titles. Use graphics, videos, and screenshot to rich your content. Remember, rich and researched content will get huge backlinks.

15. Post creative images on top photo sharing websites with including your link. Sites like: Flickr, PhotoBucket, Shutterfly etc.

16. Submit your blog link to local business directories and yellow pages.

17. Be alert to recent online viral issues or content and write about it on your blog.

18. Offer free premium downloads or gifts suddenly.

19. Publish the post with beautiful infographics.

20. Create and submit ebooks or project documents to Document Sharing Sites like Docstoc, Scribd, Slideshare.

21. Analyze competitors backlink sources and try to earn backlink from there. To find out competitor’s backlink sources use Open Site Explorer backlink checker tool for free. Study their backlink strategies how to get backlinks and follow it.

If you want to learn how to find backlinks in Google then search for This will show you all linked pages with the blog.

22. Find out the posts that are very old and outdated about your niche and let the admin know that you have published its fresh version on your blog. They will link back to your updated post from outdated posts.

23. Try to publish technical or tricky tutorial post which is hard for others. Present the hard technique in easy processes. People will love your post and give you thumbs up.

24. If you accept guest post, request your guest author to place your blog post link in his/ her other posts on another blog as resources or references to get link.

25. Interview other bloggers and request them to publish it on his / her blog with your blog link.

26. Sometimes you need to invest to earn from quality websites. So, why don't you invest two figure money to Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player or TubeOffline that you are using free of cost? Tell them to link your blog address to their donation list or sponsor list. You can find out a huge list by searching as the following form on Google.

  • contributors page + donate + your keywords
  • donate us + your keywords
  • donation + contributors + your keywords
  • help us by donation + your keywords
  • contributors page + your keywords

27. You can easily get quality backlinks from top websites easily. Simply read the below tips to create backlinks.

  1. How To Get Backlinks From YouTube?
  2. How To How To Build Links On Pinterest?
  3. How To Create Backlinks In Blogger From StumbleUpon?

Hope this post helps. If you have any more idea of creating high quality backlinks, google link builder or link building tips just let me know. I will add your opinion instantly. Stay happy and healthy. Allah Hafez.

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